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London Grid for Learning and Open-City launch learning resources about architecture and the built environment. - Cross curricular activities for primary and secondary schools
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Welcome to your London Grid for Learning

LGfL 2.0 Update

LGfL 2.0 roll out schedule
Plan details released

LGfL are pleased to advise that the construction of the core infrastructure of the new LGfL 2.0 regional network is approaching completion. This prepares the way for the rapid roll out of over 2000 new high speed connections to London schools over the course of this academic year. LGfL have recently written to all schools with the high level roll out schedule that indicates the period when schools in your area will be transitioned to the new network. Further details for each school are available on our secure support site:

Copies of the full correspondence to schools can be found at which highlights the importance of early attention to the key actions for schools as per the   Transition Process Summary guide.

Featured Article
London Grid for Learning and Open-City launch learning resources about architecture and the built environment  

Cross curricular activities for primary and secondary schools

Open-City’s education programmes lead the way in learning about architecture and urban design. They engage teachers with the key issues that shape learning through the built environment, inspiring young people to explore the architecture of London, equipping them with creative skills that support learning in and out of the classroom.

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