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Launch Busy Things

Welcome to Busy Things on LGfL  

LGfL is delighted to announce that the whole range* of ' Busy Things' content from 'Q and D' has been bought in perpetuity for all LGfL connected Schools in London. This BETT award winning content provides
activities that give as much emphasis to nurturing creative development – as to providing opportunities for exploring, discovery, experimentation, and sensory development. They also support the more formal requirements of the Early Years curriculum.

NB. *The LGFL 'Busy Things' Licence covers and Q and D content up to the 1st April 2010. Updates that maybe advertised on the Busy Things commercial website after this date are not included in the LGfL 'Busy Things' content offer.

Click for summary video

All the activities in Busy Things link to the Early Learning Goals and other Development Matters objectives within the Communication Language and Literacy, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Creative Development areas of learning and development

The literacy activities also link to Phases One, Two and Three of Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics and the Jolly Phonics scheme of work.


Users of Busy Things can now log in and retain their activity settings within the various 'Busy Things' activities using the LGfL USO log in.

It is still possible to access 'Busy things' as before without a log in when in school – mindful of the age of the average ‘Busy Things’ user; however this useful extra functionality has been added for the benefit of all USO log in users. The front screen entrance has been modified to automatically take all users to the activity menus to streamline the user experience.

These changes are effective of 25th January 2011.

Becta BETT award video



Why does it ask me to log in when I am not in school?

USO Padlock

You will need to use your LGfL USO log in to access this LGfL premium content when you are not connected to the LGfL network at school.

eg. you will need to use your LGfL USO log in when accessing this resource from home.

For further information about the LGfl USO log in go to




Willow Dene School
'Busy Things Case study'

Willow Dene
Video Case study

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