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The Greenwich Scheme of Work for ICT
(created 2002)

Support documents and lesson plans for the QCA units of work

The lesson plans and support files were designed to support schools in their implementation of the QCA ICT scheme of work. The plans can now be used as a starting point to introduce new concepts and when teaching skills, but will need to be extended and supplemented to take into account new and emerging technologies, wider pupil experiences of technology and a greater focus on ICT across the curriculum.
Other areas for a school’s scheme to consider would be e-Safety activities and and the use of digital creative media (audio and visual) across Literacy and in other subjects.

Click on the link opposite to take you to the unit you need.

The Teaching Model

Each Unit breaks down into roughly 6 lessons as follows:

  • An Overview lesson to outline the purpose of the unit.
  • A series of Short Focused Tasks specifically for learning the necessary ICT skills.
  • An Integrating Activity that draws upon these skills and integrates them within a context.
  • A Review lesson to reflect on the aims of the Unit.

In our experience it is the lack of understanding about the overall purpose of the unit that results in the most confusion over aims and objectives in ICT.

Often the product of the Integrating Activity is seen as the purpose of the unit.It is not. The I.A. serves only to orchestrate the previously taught skills and develop cabability through more open ended challenges.

The overall purpose of the unit is greatly clarified by the addition of a Review lesson to the QCA model and we would encourage all teachers to carefully consider the importance of this aspect.

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