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hosted by LGfL for London school staff

Brief Description This provides all staff with a secure and resilient email service.
Package LA pooled funds
This LGfL Service is provided by LGfL and supported by Atomwide

An Exchange 2007 service, resiliently hosted by LGfL in the core of the LGfL network.  This service has high reliability and has been developed and implemented in response to the maturing needs of schools for a business-critical service. LGfL developed StaffMail as a dual hosted, resilient system to provide high reliability and capacity for London schools’ staff and administration.   Access to StaffMail is secured by use of a LGfL USO log-in freely available to all staff (see section on USO).

For support, please call 020 82 555 555. If you are required to enter your DfE code, you can look this up
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